Jewelry Care

925 Sterling Silver

925 sterling silver is made of 925 parts pure silver and 75 parts copper.

Care: 925 or sterling silver will tarnish. However, if kept in an airtight container after wearing (i.e. re-sealable plastic bag), it will help prevent oxidation. If it tarnishes, we recommend a polishing cloth. Silver dips and creams can damage gemstones and pearls and can eventually damage the metal.

14 Karat Gold Filled

14 karat gold filled unlike plated or vermilion, is a much higher quality and longer lasting metal. It is made up of 14 karat gold tubing and then filled with a base metal such as brass. The layer of gold bonds strongly to the brass, so it will not wear off. 

Care: 14 karat gold filled is tarnish resistant like solid 14 karat gold and is safe for most people with sensitive skin. If needed, wipe with a polishing cloth.


The stones we use are Kingman turquoise from the mine in Kingman, Arizona. These stones are all natural and have no added colors or dyes.

Care: If needed, wipe clean with a soft cloth.

Handmade Product

All pieces are truly handmade.  Due to the natural variation in gemstones and pearls, we cannot guarantee all products will be identical to those shown in the picture therefore allowing you to have a “one of a kind” piece.