Designed by Juli Mills

Every piece begins and ends with Juli Mills: handmade jewelry designer by trade, with the innate artist’s sensibility of knowing when a design is a passing trend or if it can transcend time.

Growing up, Juli’s artistic sensibilities were inspired and shaped by her mother, who had a knack for all kinds of creative endeavors – sewing, oil painting, refinishing furniture. Her sense of style was classic, yet infused with her own artistic flair.

The care Juli puts into her craft is passed from her hands to the pieces themselves and carries over to the person wearing them. When someone puts on a J. Mills piece, they feel a sense of beauty, confidence, and harmony, as well as the joy that went into making it.

Handcrafted in North Carolina

We are located in the picturesque town of Murphy, nestled in the mountains of Western North Carolina. Our studio is surrounded by natural beauty that inspires each one of our creations. This serene landscape enables us to design pieces that authentically capture the essence of our beloved environment.