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Take action to be your best in 2018

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We are honored and grateful to welcome back Britni LaRue, the owner/creator of the lifestyle brand Blaruefit. She is back for round 2 of the Blaruefit x Juli Mills Studio collaboration! In her last post she discussed her top 5 tips for how to live your best life in 2018. If you happened to miss that post, we suggest you give it a read first. In this post she will help you take action on her top 5 tips and make your 2018 the best year yet!

 For more lifestyle tips you can follow Britni’s blog at or on social media @blaruefit where she posts daily about fitness, beauty, fashion, and positivity to keep you motivated and informed on how to live your dream life.

 So happy to have her back and enjoy the post below!


There are so many ways to express yourself…through your style, your actions, even your thoughts. Take some time to sit down and write out 5 things that you find unique about yourself. Maybe it is the curls in your hair or your positive attitude, whatever it is write it down. Now, decide how you are going to take action to express these 5 things. By showing others what makes you unique you are connecting, expressing, and contributing to the diversity in this world.

  1. I am dedicated
  2. I love my style
  3. I try to keep a positive mindset
  4. I am passionate about teaching/helping others
  5. I am not afraid to admit if I failed


The key to finding a balance in your life is to be organized! Start planning out your days so you can be sure to dedicate the time needed to get your priorities accomplished, and also dedicate time to the things you love & enjoy. Go out and buy a planner! Planners are great for organization and also for motivation. If you see your plan written out in front of you, chances are you will be more motivated to accomplish it!


Man, this one is SO important and it is one that we so easily struggle with. Once something does not go your way it is so easy to flip your mind to a negative space. Here is my suggestion…start and end your day in the most positive mind space possible! If you set yourself up with positivity it will be a lot easier to maintain it throughout your day. This is what I want you to do…start a gratitude journal!

Buy a notebook (or fancy journal) that you dedicate as your gratitude journal. Every single morning either when you wake up, during breakfast, maybe while your coffee brews, jot down 5 things that you are grateful for and 5 things that you are going to achieve in your life (notice I said GOING TO not want to). This doesn’t have to be some long elaborate story, just a quick note will do. As you are ending your day before you go to bed I want you to do the same thing, 5 things you are grateful for and 5 things you are going to achieve.

  1. The breath that I take each morning when I wake up
  2. The individuals in my life that are always there to support me
  3. My ability to move and be active
  4. My cats
  5. The cup of coffee I am about to enjoy (obvi, caffeine queen)
  1. I am going to step on the Bikini Olympia stage
  2. I am going to make a living by following my passions
  3. I will nourish my body with healthy foods
  4. I am going to be financially free
  5. I am going to maintain a healthy active lifestyle 


Yes girl, when you look good you feel good and vice versa. In my last post I mentioned becoming your best self in 2018. Here is my suggestion: get your health/fitness game going and treat yourself to something new! When wanting to live a healthier lifestyle I highly suggest finding a lifestyle/fitness coach that can guide you through your journey.

Coaches are great for accountability and motivation, not to mention they are educated in the field and will help you step by step on how to live a healthier life. Visit my site to see the different lifestyle coaching options I have available, and let’s get you feeling your best self in 2018! Now that you are on the path to a healthier body and mind…it is time for a treat! Buy something new for yourself because girl you deserve it! While you’re here, take a moment to explore the various stunning collections by J. Mills Studio and see some of the most elegant handmade artisan jewelry. Her pieces are unique and timeless and will definitely make you feel beautiful and radiate with confidence.


It is time to connect! Social media is a great way for connecting with like-minded individuals from all over the world. Find facebook groups or follow Instagram accounts that share similar interests as you. If you are looking for more personal interaction join a book club, take group fitness or yoga classes, lean on your significant other, or maybe just go sit in a coffee shop. You never know who you will meet, so don’t be afraid to reach out to others.

Once you find a group you connect with stay engaged with them because having a support group will help you feel secure, motivate you, give you someone to bounce ideas off of, and feel supported if you are having a rough day. With just a few simple steps you can really take strides to living your most positive and prosperous life. I truly believe that 2018 can be a year of change! So, what is stopping you? Start taking action TODAY!

 You all deserve nothing but positivity, love, support, and happiness.


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