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Red, White & Bangle!

Posted by J. Mills Studio on

Happy 4th of July.  It’s time to celebrate your Independence!  What better way to show your patriotic pride than decking yourself out in J. Mills Studio jewelry (proudly made in America), while taking part in the fun.  We are here to help you create the perfect look while enjoying such 4th of July traditions like fireworks, grilling, and of course, ice cold watermelon and popsicles.

No Independence Day party is complete without fireworks.  Safely light your Sparklers in style when your wrists are layered in bangle bracelets by J. Mills Studio. We guarantee your sparkler will dazzle at its highest possible frequency!

Keep the celebration going by firing up the grill.   All those festive partiers can’t honor the U. S. of A on an empty stomach. So when you are cooking up the feast, don’t let those grilling tongs be the only metal at the end of your arm.   Our Marquis Link Bracelet is unique and sleek with a functional magnetic clasp that will keep that sparkle on your arm and out of the coals. AND don’t forget, you can’t spell “grill” without G I R L.


Last but not least, finish off the party with a nice cool treat that will pair well with your 4th of July style selections.  We suggest ice cold watermelon along with the most patriotic of frozen snacks, the red, white, and blue Bomb Pop. Pair these cool sweet delights with some equally sweet J. Mills Forged Spiral Rings , Forged Cuff Bracelets, and Forged Marquis Earrings.  Refreshments for your body and your style is the perfect ending to your star-spangled celebration!

Now you are ready to make those founding fathers proud!  Fire up the grill, fly the flag, show your sparkle, and most of all…….


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J. Mills Jewelry Trends Spring 2018

Posted by Juli Mills on

The longer, warmer days of Spring 2018 have finally arrived! With this change in seasons, we hope you celebrated a Happy Easter instead of enduring another nor’easter! We want to help you get the cold winter weather behind you so here are 3 of our favorite Spring jewelry trends for 2018.

Big Hoops

Easy and lightweight to wear, hoop earrings can still make a big statement. When the weather starts to warm up, especially in the South, all a girl really needs is a great pair of hoops and her favorite shade of lipstick. Our largest hoop is handmade, sterling silver or 14k gold filled, and measures 2” round.


If you are looking for something a little different, our forged Avocado earrings are a great alternative to the traditional hoop. Although not an actual through the ear hoop, our forged Marquis earring has become a new customer favorite and is the perfect addition to your J. Mills collection.

Colored Gemstones

As spring arrives, so do the beautiful vibrant colors of nature. As the season’s color changes from gray to pastel, so does the color in our spring jewelry designs. In case you haven’t noticed…our most favorite colored gemstone is aqua chalcedony, (pronounced “cal SAID knee”).


It is a beautiful watery color quartz reminiscent of seaglass and reminds us of warm days in the sun. Another favorite, Ruby Moonstone is a great vibrant stone for spring and summer-especially when combined with a turquoise accent. Colored gemstones will definitely brighten your mood along with the arrival of Spring!

Layering & Stacking

This is a spring jewelry trend that does not seem to be going away any time soon, (that is just fine with us!). Whether you are layering delicate chain necklaces or heavier crystal lariats and necklaces this is a great way to show off your personality. What better way to wear ALL your J. Mills jewelry at the same time☺. We are also in LOVE with the Stacking trend in bracelets and bangles. Whether you combine our modern cool forged bracelets together or add in with your own vintage or personal pieces you can’t go wrong!

As we welcome Spring with open arms and sun on our face, we hope you will incorporate one or more of our favorite Spring jewelry trends into your personal style. Enjoy the fresh energy of Spring!

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